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and parliaments are divided along ethnic and party lines. this banner says the system gobbles up 70% of the tax revenues while 67% of young people are out of work. >> i have always been for one country without the two entities. for a bosniak-croat federation without cantons. i think the people of bosnia could find a peaceful solution but not the politicians. >> many ethnic serbs might well see things differently, but the fact remains that very few people make more than 2000 euros a month while two and three bosnians live on less than 200 a month. this graffito says "stop nationalism." this old industrial city has not been kept from falling into ruin. these coworkers hope to save their factory from a similar fate. >> regarding the factory so it won't be destroyed -- we are guarding the factory so it won't be destroyed. we are even sleeping here. 10 or 12 people are here every night to make sure it does not alluded. -- does not get looted. >> after the years of management and decay, it seems questionable they will get their jobs back. the bosnian spring was born out of desperation. >> there's the
at work victoria andrea and tax the groceries before settling down to watch the news. she supports the piano covert and vladimir putin who she refers to as the strong hand of power. she voted for the recently ousted ukrainian president back in two thousand two and has remained loyal to him ever since even after a death in kiev. but you'll love these two girls and why should you be responsible for everything what about simple hundred and fifty mins of common to all the opposition politicians. they share that responsibility. you can get it cut to accommodate of them he offered them positions this station to solve the problems common to drop them on the street. will be a man afraid of their own medical finalist on the mind down. usually industry victoria watches tv whenever she can achieve erection broadcast or the ukrainian state channel she says chemical that should have cleared them i'd done as soon as demonstrators began to get it there. although seventy percent of people in the northeastern city of car keys voted for yanukovich in the last elections. there have been some smaller
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3